Mangave Treasure Chest™ Collection

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    New from Proven Winners® are some truly unique succulents. In addition to the standard succulents (Echeveria, Jelly Bean Plants, etc.) comes a new, unexpected, and very interesting set of plants - Mangave. What makes Mangave so unique? It's a cross between Manfreda and Agave (hybridized by human touch). Since there are so many species of each genus, the possibilities are endless.

    If you have experience growing Agave, Mangaves have a much faster growth rate. Mangaves are perfect as a focal point or as thrillers in succulent combination containers. Although most aren't hardy (unless you're a zone 9), you can move containers inside to enjoy before frost hits. Or skip the outdoors entirely—find a sunny windowsill and you have yourself a house plant!

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    Mangave 'Blue Dart'

    Height: 12-16" - Spread: 18-22" - Zones: 9-11

    This small to medium-sized Mangave has a classic “Agave look” while still being a Mangave hybrid. What's special about this succulent is its blue coloration - a perfect choice for combining with other colored succulents such as green or red. It gets its silvery blue appearance from the waxy coating to the leaves. This forms a perfectly symmetrical rosette of very rigid leaves that are edged with dark brown margins and terminal spines. The brown margins really make the blue color pop!

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    Mangave 'Crazy Cowlick'

    Height: 8-10" - Spread: 24" - Zones: 9-11

    If you've ever had a wild lock of hair that wouldn't be tamed, you've experienced a cowlick. ‘Crazy Cowlick' is a plant that you won't want to tame—you'll love that wild look. Although this is a larger sized plant, the plant grows relatively flat, only reaching 8-10” tall. Broad green leaves have wavy, heavily toothed margins and cinnamon orange terminal spines. Burgundy spotting appears most intensely near the crown, but the spotting will lighten as leaves mature. Make sure this succulent sees plenty of sun! The spots are more pronounced under UV light.

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    Mangave 'Electric Cheetah'

    Height: 8-10" - Spread: 22-24" - Zones: 9-11

    Everything about this succulent is electric: from its wavy leaves to the pattern on the leaves. Clear, pronounced dark spotting appears on uniquely colored foliage. An iridescent blue sheen appears over green leaves. The spots are more lavender under the sheen. Like ‘Crazy Cowlick', this plant will produce a low, horizontal habit with wide wavy leaves. Orange marginal spines are most intense in color near the crown.

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    Mangave 'Freckles and Speckles'

    Height: 8" - Spread: 16-20" - Zones: 9-11

    A cute plant to match a cute name! Minty green leaves with a lavender overlay are lightly freckled with dark burgundy spots. Just like human freckles, the “freckles” and the overlay will be more pronounced in direct sunlight - in a greenhouse, the leaves will be greener. Margins curl up slightly to showcase its white, serrated edge. Finishing up the package are rose pink terminal spines.

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    Mangave 'Inca Warrior'

    Height: 18-20" - Spread: 32-36" - Zones: 9-11

    This larger scale succulent has a size to fit its name. As an overall look, the leaves are burgundy red, but upon closer inspection, you'll realize the spotting is so intense and concentrated it obscures the green leaves. Make sure to have this plant in plenty of light to bring out the red color. This is a large, magnificent plant with wide, arching leaves and a terminal spine at the end of each leaf.

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    Mangave 'Iron Man'

    Height: 18-20" - Spread: 32-36" - Zones: 9-11

    If you're looking for a large succulent to serve as a thriller for your container, you've definitely found it with ‘Iron Man' - this is one of the largest, most architectural specimens of the assortment. The large leaves have a very intense, deep blue green color. Similar to some Agave, as the leaves unfurl, they leave heavy imprinting on surrounding leaves. Wavy, serrated margins complete the look.

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    Mangave 'Mayan Queen'

    Height: 12" - Spread: 22-24" - Zones: 9-11

    A superb succulent that's fit for a queen! Frosty blue leaves have a serrated edge, with subtle burgundy spots concentrated at the tips. From a distance, the leaves appear lavender. This burgundy spotting is most defined on the leaves that receive direct sunlight; lower leaves will be greener. The narrow leaves curl and arch downward at the tips. This is a unique hue that will lend itself well to combining with other colored succulents.

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    Mangave 'Racing Stripes'

    Height: 6-8" - Spread: 14" - Zones: 9-11

    This succulent literally earns its stripes! It gets its name from the pronounced light green centers that accent the dark green margins. The subtle band color takes this from green to out of this world. Marginal spines mature to cinnamon color. Durable leaves arch at the tips.

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    Mangave 'Spotify'

    Height: 13" - Spread: 20" - Zones: 9-11

    It's not hard to spot the spots on ‘Spotify'! Long, narrow, minty green leaves are covered with small, dark spots. Although it forms a spiky ball shape, its succulent leaves are flexible and relatively benign - this is one of the easiest of the collection to handle. Perfect for pairing with broader leaved plants in combinations.

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