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    This Week's Picks...

    Want to see what's hot at Walters Gardens, Inc? Check out Barb's Perennial Picks of the Week! This photo flyer shows a select group of perennials that are looking great this week. Don't miss out on these hot items! Call to place your order today! 1-888-WALTERS. To view a current availability, click the link below.

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    Clematis 'Andromeda'

    CLEANG1 (Clematis) This feminine beauty bears large, semi-double white flowers with rose pink bars early in the growing season followed by single flowers in late summer. Showy seed heads in fall. Relatively fast growing.

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    Clematis EARTHQUAKE ('Bieszczady')

    CLEEAG1 (Clematis) Showy selection produces a flurry of very large, vibrant pink flowers with white bars that form a star-shaped pattern in the center of each blossom. Long blooming. Attractive seed heads.

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    Clematis 'Fujimusume'

    CLEFUG1 (Clematis) A cool waterfall of large, single, slightly fragrant, wisteria blue blossoms flow from this elegant vine twice per season. Relatively compact yet vigorous. Tolerates light shade and grows well in containers.

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    Clematis 'Innocent Glance'

    CLEIGG1 (Clematis) Fully double, 5-6in pale pink flowers are edged with a darker pink margin. A second round follows with single flowers.

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    Clematis 'Jackmanii'

    CLEJAG1 (Clematis) Solid deep purple flowers with prominent, creamy-yellow stamens. A long-time favorite due to its vigorous growth habit and consistent flowering ability. Beautiful when grown through ivy up a wall or fence.

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    Clematis 'Niobe'

    CLENIG1 (Clematis) The velvety, ruby red flowers of this variety are somewhat cup-shaped and have contrasting ivory stamens. This is one of the very best reds available in the trade. It holds its color well all season long.

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    Clematis 'Sweet Summer Love' PP24044 CPBRAF

    CLESSG1 (Clematis) A Sweet Autumn Clematis type that blooms a lovely cranberry- violet color instead of the typical white. Incredibly fragrant and very easy to grow. A Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Flowering Shrub.

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    Clematis VOLCANO ('Mazowsze')

    CLEVOG1 (Clematis) This impressive Clematis erupts with a stream of large, deep velvety red blossoms with pale yellow anthers for several months. Vigorous grower; tolerates light shade.

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    Clematis 'Wildfire'

    CLEWIG1 (Clematis) Huge 6-8in, saturated magenta to violet purple flowers with a reddish purple bar glow in the sun. Very long blooming selection. Simply stunning!

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